Terms and conditions

  1. By purchasing a license, you are granted the right to use the software on up to one machine for personal or company use.

  2. Please note that the license does not confer ownership of the software or any of its contents.

  3. You are strictly prohibited from decompiling, cracking, hacking, selling, or pirating the software.

  4. The company makes no guarantees regarding the results obtained through the use of the software.

  5. The company accepts no liability for errors or problems that result in loss of business or profits.

  6. A full refund of 100% is available for any purchase within 11 days of the date of purchase. Refund requests will be processed within three business days. If you experience difficulty using the program, the refund period may be extended. Please contact us for further information before the refund period expires.

  7. By purchasing the software, you agree to use it in accordance with the laws of your country. For legal advice on your country's laws, you should consult a lawyer. The company sells the software in good faith for lawful promotional purposes only. If we suspect that you are using, or intend to use the program for illegal or fraudulent activities, your license will be terminated immediately and without refund.